Exercise Motivation Technology

Laina is a shape-changing art piece presenting tangible running routes over a period of one day. People often feel good after running, but this euphoria and pride feelings fade away quickly. Laina aims to prolong these positive feelings by pushing pins one by one, creating an art piece of the route. Through this, Laina aims to trigger a longer reflection of their running session. This abstract feedback goes beyond numbers and performance, aiming to motivate going for the next run.

Meria is a clothing hanger that dismisses clothes when one does not go exercising as intended. The user can hang their sports clothes, and according to their activity goals, the hanger will lower its arms. While this happens, Meria tries to encourage the user to grab their clothes and go exercise, by letting the clothes slip more and more. When the clothes are ignored for a period of time, the hanger will eventually drop the clothes on the ground. The user would then have to collect their sport outfit from the ground and if you are holding the clothes anyway, why not put them on and go exercise?

Organisation Eindhoven University of Technology, Industrial Design
Contact Daphne Menheere
Email d.s.menheere@tue.nl