Mobiliteitshub Buurtschap te Veld

Welcome to the mobility hub!

The application of interactive technology is increasingly inseparable from smartphones, so many times we have to use our phones to interact, such as in NFC-based interaction. We proposed a body-centric interaction design space that captures the near-field interactions between the human body and NFC-tagged objects. The passive extenders worn on the body extend the operating range of the NFC reader/writer of a smartphone to the reach of the wearer’s hand, arm, or foot. Our implementation demonstrates the proposed applications’ technical feasibility.


Buurtschap te Veld
A new neighbourhood arises in the north of Eindhoven: Buurtschap te Veld. This temporary residential area is comprised of 670 homes, placed in small groups in the natural landscape. Buurtschap Te Veld will be a green, community based, lively neighbourhood with affordable housing (to rent of self-build). The vision for the neighbourhood is based on a contemporary lifestyle in which awareness of nature, the sharing economy and community living meet. Buurtschap te Veld provides a green, scenic environment and is focused on quality of life. When compared to a traditional neighbourhood there is less room for the car. This gives more room for greenery and social encounters. To provide residents with sustainable and attractive mobility alternatives, the neighbourhood includes an innovative mobility plan, including ‘Deelhubs’. Each ‘Deelhub’ offers residents with a wide range of sharing options ranging from shared electric vehicles to a package locker.

Project owners Philémonne Jaasma, Milou Bruinenberg (Cocosmos)
Clients Gemeente Eindhoven, Woonstichting ‘thuis, Stichting Woonbedrijf
Partners Tom van Tuijn Stedenbouw, Minitopia, LivingLab040, DeBuren, AEOS PRIME, De Productenmakers, Hillhout