Weaving With Wet

Weaving with wet is an open exploration of the creative capacities of fibres and their interactions with broader ecologies, including for example plants, insects and rainclouds.
The samples presented here are woven with materials that have a relationship with humidity, such as linen that becomes more elastic, dissolvable yarn that shrinks, or paper yarn that twists when wet. I have lived with these samples in different locations (such as a balcony, a bathroom, and an office window) as an open invitation to participants of the broader ecologies of home environments.
This project brings together more-than-human thinking and digital craftsmanship. More-than-human thinking is a shift towards ecological thinking that is critical but not exclusionary to humans. It acknowledges that much of our modern-day problems, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and extreme weather events are at least partly due to human actions and decisions. Yet, anticipating these broader relations is challenging work, as they often become apparent only in hindsight or upon breakdown. This project exploratively develops an approach in which the human designer can understand better who is present in the environment to promote more caring collaborations through design.

Designer Doenja Oogjes