Woven Motion

Woven Motion is a collaborative, experiment-driven project by Milou Voorwinden and Re:flex, exploring the possibility of turning static materials into moving, responsive textiles. Through the selection of specific materials and the use of intricate weave structures, the initiative creates textiles that possess the ability to change shape and respond autonomously to environmental stimuli. The project particularly centers on the use of cellulose-based yarns, including linen, hemp, and paper yarns, which, when exposed to moisture, exhibit a characteristic swelling of the cellulose fibers, initiating a notable rotation in the yarn movement. Samples within the project were both handwoven and industrially produced, indicating potential applications in various sectors of textile manufacturing, from artisanal to industrial scales.

Designers Milou Voorwinden & Re:Flex
(Benton Ching, Karlijn Sibbel, Pierre Azalbert)
Sponsor Stimulerings Fonds Creative Industrie