EMF-Free Housing

A modular house with electromagnetic field shielding.

Description about the project (around 150 words): Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a condition whereby people feel sick from electromagnetic fields. In this project, we design a house where EHS patients can be comfortable, and we create a standardized method that can be implemented in any building. We start with designing a ‘tiny house’ acting as an experimental lab for testing shielding efficiency. This tiny house has two modules: one containing all installations and appliances and one shielded module with the living room and bedroom as the recovery area.

Team members Ilgaz Baykal, Romina Gurkan Saul, Lena Gurkan Saul
Email i.baykal@student.tue.nl, r.gurkan.saul@student.tue.nl, l.gurkan.saul@student.tue.nl
Department Student team
Coach Mark Cox
More information Website Team Layer