Keystroke Dynamics Analysis

You are how you type.

Due to the Corona-crisis, educational institutions are moving their exams online. However, due to the inherent anonymity of being online, it is difficult to perform user authentication. The student startup Intense is working on a non-intrusive solution to identify students continuously during online exams. The way a computer is used can function as a ‘digital fingerprint’. With this behavioral biometric, Intense helps universities to provide a student-friendly way to examine students, while preventing fraud.

Team members Bob van der Meulen, Kayle Knops, Tumsa Letif, Mathijs Visscher, Ward Jongelie, Turar Jumaniyaz
Department Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, Electrical EngineeringData Science (TU/e), and Entrepreneurship (at Jheronimus Academy of Data Science)
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