TU/e Laplace Education Center

A new Education Center where design and technological innovation meet

Laplace, the former Computer Center of Eindhoven University of Technology, is being transformed into a campus-wide Education Center. Given the building’s architectural, cultural and historical value, the renovation project retains (or sometimes restores) some elements and qualities of the building’s design in a layered design. Most notably, the building’s innovative double facade with wide air cavity on the ground floor and its robust concrete frame construction with a slender floor of glass and steel above are reinterpreted in a contemporary manner. During an innovation process with the TU/e research group ‘Innovative Structural Design’, parallel to the design process, it will be investigated whether the roof construction can be fabricated using bio-based hemp composite thus bringing the innovative character of the building into the next generation.

Members Team V, Real Estate Services
Department Built Environment
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