The Vision

Fast-charging technology that allows you to charge an electric car as fast as you can refuel your petrol car.

The InMotion team wants to bring the charging time of electric cars down to the time it takes to refuel a petrol car. In order to show the potential of electric refueling, we will compete in the Garage 56 class during the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a fully electric endurance car in 2023. This concept car, the Vision, is designed to be 10 times more aerodynamically efficient than a Formula 1 car.

Team members Rainier Heijne, Luc Siecker, Stijn van Deudekom, Laura van Erp, Martijn Mathijsen, Tom Minten, Gijs Trots, Sander Doodeman, Daan Groenendaal, Wesley van Paassen, Rutger Bell en Sem de Werdt.
Department Student team
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