Circular Paviljoen

The Paviljoen, where TU/e first started, is being dismantled so that some of their parts can be reused in a new building on campus.

In recent years there has been a raised awareness among architects about the careful use of materials with global attempts to reduce CO2 production urging a deep reflection regarding where our building materials come from and how we put them together. Therefore, notions of circularity are gradually becoming more prominent in architectural practice, just as a greater interest is emerging in poetic reflections on the effects of materiality has on spatial experiences and atmospheres. The first buildings ever built at the TU/e, the Paviljoen on the North-East side of the TU/e campus, are currently being carefully dismantled so that certain parts of them can be reused in a new building to be realized on campus. This project focuses on the Paviljoen’s disassembly process and how those components will be reused to create new spatial experiences and atmospheres.

Department Build Environment, Real Estate Services