TU/e Students Sports Center

Recovering the original architectural qualities from Gerrit Rietveld’s original design while providing the necessary conditions for today’s sports future.

The basis for this design is a continuous 3-meter high canopy along the south side of the complex – a horizontal line functioning as a new unifying element, consolidating the human scale surrounding the complex, and reconnecting the building to its beautiful landscape environment. The main entrance will be moved to the building’s east side as in the original plan: welcoming and easily recognizable from the campus, suiting a sports complex of its stature. The relocation of the main entrance allows for a patio to be created on the site of the current entrance. As a result, Rietveld’s original facades for the office spaces are again revealed, and daylight can enter the heart of the complex’s main spatial junction, facilitating openness, transparency and interaction under the existing roof.

Members DP6 architectuurstudio, Real Estate Services
Department Build Environment
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