Aerial data network for the planet

Syfly aims to be a sensor network for the planet. Syfly does this by employing fixed wing drones equipped with sensors that monitor key features of natural ecosystems. The goal is to increase the accuracy, accessibility and quantity of data while lowering costs and labor. A good example of this is weather forecasting. Using a network of autonomous drones to collect atmospheric data, Syfly tries to increase the accuracy of weather forecasts and lower costs.

Team members Aabharan Hemanth, Bram de Bruin, Juan Boschero, Menno Laveaux, Mark Wijnands, Endi Selmanaj, Harm Booy, Alvaro Gonzalez, Youri Sio, Steven Verwer, Matteo Gandini, Thomas Wagenaar, Ivo van der Peet, Tuna Aydin
Department Student team
Coaches Marius Monen, Nico Schouten, Alex Andriën
More information Website Syfly