Womb Phone

The Womb Phone enhances the bonding process between parents and their preterm baby in an artificial womb.

A preterm baby in an artificial womb is separated from his parents at an early stage. This disrupts the bonding process. The Womb Phone creates a telephone connection that enhances the reciprocal bonding process between the parents and their preterm baby. It consists of a suction cup and speaker that is placed on the artificial womb. Through the Womb Phone app, parents can call their child from a distance, see information, play music or recordings, hear real-time sounds from the artificial womb, and talk to comfort their child.

Team members Rooske van Loon, Marlou Monincx
Email r.v.loon1@student.tue.nl, m.monincx@student.tue.nl
Department Industrial Design
Coach Frank Delbressine